For most people, the existence of an energy form (orgon, prana, chi, vril, aether) etc., which cannot be measured directly, is difficult to accept and comprehend. However, this does not preclude their existence from the outset. Consider, for example, the gravity, the essence and origin of which of our science are completely unknown, even though we experience its effects on our world on a daily basis.

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) succeeded in the forties of the last century with his attempts to show the existence of this universal energy around us.

He built an orgone accumulator in which it was possible to concentrate the orgone energy from the environment and use it as a therapeutic agent in the fight against various diseases.

Reich also explained the existence of a “lethal orgone energy” (DOR- deadly orgone energy), which is mainly created by electric and magnetic fields around electrical appliances and power cables. Today we call this type of pollution electrosmog, which is known to have a bad effect on health. 


A few decades later, Don and Carol Croft discovered the orgone generator that, using the synergy of resin, metal shavings and certain crystals, made a device now called orgonite, which has the ability to collect the harmful DOR and in POR Convert. They simply added crystals which have the properties to absorb and convert the energy.

Orgonites create a strong energy field that is healing and soothing. Since the orgone is an intelligent energy, this experience deepens when we focus attention on the orgonites themselves and observe the resulting feelings in a relaxed way. There can be a sense of calm, relief and warmth when you hold an orgonite in your hands. The built-in crystals can awaken the energy flow of the chakras with their vibration.

What is an orgonite for?

  • Protection against electromagnetic fields (computers, mobile phones, televisions, microwaves)
  • Supports the immune system and strengthens the energy field
  • Restoration of the energy of the organism
  • Harmonisation of housing
  • Allows for a more soulful and deeper sleep, so they need less time for sleep.
  • Reassurance of emotions and help in overcoming depression, grief and anxiety
  • Protection from negative energies of other people
  • positive impact on animals and plants
  • Water energy
  • Harmonisation of energy balance and cleaning of the atmosphere
  • Protection from negative effects of astral life (non-physical planes)
  • Continuous operation without interruptions
  • no feed form is required
  • Strengthening mental and spiritual abilities

Please note:
Our orgonite products are handcrafted decorative items and in no case a substitute for visiting  a doctor or psychologist. Orgonites have no effect in the school medical sense!  In case of health problems, a doctor or psychologist should always be consulted!