What is Shungite?orgon-energiekoerper-schnungit-pyramid

The Shungite is a natural mineral with a special crystal lattice based on carbon. Carbon is known to be the basis of life on Earth.

The origin of the shungite, whose geological age is more than 2 billion years, has not yet been clarified. Among other things, it is assumed that shungite rocks are the remnants of Phaeton, a planet that may have existed at some point in our solar system.

The shungite can only be found in a single area in Karelia/Russia. Carbon is an essential element of life. Only recently, a new, previously unknown form of carbon was discovered, spherical hollow ion, called fullerenes, and considered very promising by medical professionals. To date, naturally occurring fullerenes could only be detected in shungite.

This can explain the special healing properties of this mineral rock, i.e. its ability to preserve and detoxify the beauty and freshness of the body’s organs and systems.

How does Shungit work?

The effect of shungness on the body is almost fantastic. It is intended to transform, protect, rejuvenate, relieve pain and neutralize the harmful effects of geopathologically heavily polluted places (electrosmog).

The secret of the great properties of the snendite could not be deciphered by doctors or physicists. It was only possible to determine that regeneration processes are initiated in the body cells during the action of the shungite on the organism.

Bioenergeticians claim that it takes only 5 to 10 days to wear a pendant with a small piece of shungite on the neck, and that the human biofield, which was previously disturbed by stress and negative emotions, is back in order.DSC_0301

Although there are virtually no contraindications to the use of shungite water and it is recommended for the prophylaxis of many diseases, it is best to consult a doctor who has the effect of this familiar to the rock.

The use of shungite water as drinking water as well as for food preparation is useful in the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, genitourinary system and circulatory system.

For therapeutic purposes, the drinking amount of at least three glasses of shungite water per day is recommended.

As already mentioned, shungite water has a generally beneficial and rejuvenating effect on the body. The facial skin becomes clearer, facial wrinkles, irritation, itching, rashes disappear and the skin becomes elastic and supple. The scalp is strengthened, dandruff disappears and the hair gets a healthy shine.

The shungite water also relieves kidney and liver diseases, gallstone diseases, pyrosis. It is effective against vegetative dystonia, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, genitourinary and circulatory diseases. It eliminates allergic conditions and improves the overall vitality of the body.