NaFreGonit Kraftstein Root Chakra 174 Hz

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NaFreGonit Kraftstein Root Chakra 174 Hz

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This stone of power, lovingly crafted by hand, is back in grain with the earth and brings stability and warmth.



NaFreGonit Kraftstein Root Chakra 174 Hz

This novel NaFreGonit hemisphere combines the orgone primal force of the coarse-material gemstones with the fine-material nano frequency crystals. It is many times more energetic than normal orgonite. If you want to Shakes up NaFreGonit, the nano crystals swirl up in the poured water glass and activate an amazing and noticeable energy boost.

The zinc itecrystals contained therein vibrate with the Solfeggio frequency 174 Hz.

This stone of power, lovingly crafted by hand, is back in grain with the earth and brings stability and warmth.

It promotes willpower, strengthens self-confidence and has a supportive effect against stress and anxiety.

The Healing Stones and their Effect ofthe NaFreGonit KraftsteinEs Root Chakra 174 Hz:

The Mookait stands for inner balance, activity, creativity and vitality. He encourages new experiences to be gained and lets ideas be implemented with vigour.

Red jasper strengthens self-confidence, willpower andperseverance, is a stone for vitality and dynamism.  The red jasper has a strong harmonising effects on the Negative vibrations in the body. It acts as a lightning rod and frees us from blockages and influences of other people. 

Pyrite makes you more confident, gives more emotional wealth, acts as a mirror and promotes self-knowledge,bringing the good and the dark character sides to light.

This includes:

  • Mookait
  • red jasper
  • Pyrite
  • 24 carat pure gold leaf
  • Brass shavings
  • Stainless steel shavings
  • Nano Crystals Zinc ite 174 Hz

The energetic effect of zinc 174 Hz

  • Grounding
  • reassuringly
  • Stability
  • pain-relieving (headache)

All minerals were disturbed with a singing bowl and charged with the 528 HZ Solfeggio DNA Repair frequency.

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We explicitly point out that our products are handmade and that there may be occasional small cracks and bumps, but these do not affect the effect in any way. 

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