Siddhi Smoked Blend Gold 136.1 Hz

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Siddhi Smoked Blend Gold 136.1 Hz

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100 natural, pure incense with nano frequency crystals that vibrates with the OM annual tone 136.1 Hz of the earth.


Siddhi Smoked Blend Gold 136.1 Hz

The name given to this incense series is the Sanksrit word “Siddhi”, which has several meanings. It can be translated as perfection, supernatural power, completion or healing. 

What distinguishes this mixture from other smoking mixtures?
Unique is the combination of incense with nanofrequency crystals, which amplify the effect incredibly. The nanofrequency crystals were attached directly to the incense. In addition, there is a small vial in the glass filled with water, nanofrequency crystals and 999 gold. Because the nanofrequency crystals are in the water, they can constantly release the vibration to the incense in the glass.

Why is there a variant without vial?
If you are buying this smoke mixture for the first time, we strongly recommend choosing the variant including vial. However, since this does not consume itself in contrast to the incense, we give you the opportunity to order more glasses without vial – since you already have them and can put them in the glass with the incense.

What is the vial used for?
Primarily, the phiole serves the permanent energization of the incense. You can enhance the result of smoking by holding the vial in one hand during smoking. If you have consumed the incense, you can use the vial in various ways, e.g. as a power dispenser in everyday life,…. 

Divine Unity – Blessing – Creation – Transformation – 
Oneness – Om – Silence – Inner Harmony

100 natural, pure incense with: 

  • Frankincense India
  • Sandalwood
  • Myrrh
  • Gokul
  • Vetivergrass 
  • 136.1 Hz Gold Nanofrequency Crystals 

Content: 60 ml in glass
Manufactured and bottled in the LEBENS-QI Gänserndorf

How are the smoking mixtures used?
Smoking with coal:

This method produces a lot of smoke. You need a refractory/heat-resistant shell, incense charcoal and sand. Fill the bowl with sand, light the charcoal tablet on a candle flame using a smoking pliers. Put it high in the sand and wait until the coal has ignited, then put it over. Once the edge of the coal has a white ash layer, a small amount of incense can be placed on the coal. Immediately, large amounts of smoke rise. Therefore, it is important to ventilate well after smoking.
Smoking with stövchen:
This is a much gentler method of smoking. You need a stick with fine-mesh sieve/grid and a tea light. Ignite the tea light, place it in the stoh and sprinkle some incense on the sieve, ready. There is much less smoke than when coal is used. Attention: The stövchen usually get very hot, so they are less suitable for “smoking” if you want to go from one room to the next. Stövchen are perfect for local use instead of incense sticks. 

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With vial, Without vial

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