Nano Frequency Crystal Amber 126.22 Hz

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Nano Frequency Crystal Amber 126.22 Hz

89,00  inkl. MWSt.

This nano frequency crystal increases the vibration and has an awareness-enhancing effect.


Nano Frequency Crystal Amber 126.22 Hz

The Nano Frequency crystals unfold the full energy potential of elements such as gold, zinc, copper, etc. and many gemstone varieties. These elements have been gently vibrating with healing frequencies, which has created ultra-fine nano crystals that radiate a powerful life energy. As a pendant, the body is thus put into a higher vibration. You can also use the trailer for energetic work or as a pendulum. The vial was coated with a pure silver wire 999.9.

The amber contained therein positively influences the state of mind, strengthens self-confidence, promotes self-healing tendencies and helps to overcome anxiety and depression.

Chakra assignment: The amber opens the solar plexus chakra with tendency to the spleen and the root chakra. In combination with rock crystal, it penetrates the chakras more quickly.

The Healing Stones and their Effect inNano Frequency Crystal Pendant Amber:

Rock crystal: is the stone of clear reason. Much has already been written about him. In addition, the Decision-making, it helps to act consciously instead of reacting involuntarily, it shows its own weaknesses and unmasks its own projections. It can pull off energy surpluses and revitalize inanimate areas. When it comes to emotions, it helps to allow sobriety to prevail and, if necessary, to jump over one’s own shadow, or to insist objectively on one’s own right.

Amber is an inspiring sunstone that awakens joie de vivre. It brings us warmth and light. It strengthens the decision-making capacity and helps with perplexity and depression.

This includes:

  • Amber
  • Bergkristall
  • 24 carat pure gold leaf
  • pure silver wire 999.9
  • Zinc Nano Crystals 126.22 Hz

The energetic effect of zinc ite 126.22 Hz

  • Sun tone
  • Promotes the feeling for one’s own center
  • Consciousness-enhancing


The trailer comes with an 80 cm leather strap.

All minerals were disturbed with a singing bowl.

Please note that the vial is glass. We assume no liability if the vial falls down and breaks.

When we talk about therapy, healing or treatment on our website, this is only for explanation. The offer does not replace a visit to a doctor and does not constitute a diagnosis of conventional medicine, but rather complements the medical work in order to help you to feel well and health more quickly.
We cannot accept any liability for incorrect applications.


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 cm

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