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Frequency Crystal Ruby 528 Hz

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small delicate nano frequency crystal 528 Hz to increase the vibration.


Frequency Crystal Ruby 528 Hz

The Nano Frequency Crystal pendants unfold the full energy potential of elements such as gold, zinc, copper, etc. and many gemstone varieties. These elements have been gently oscillated with a special electromagnet with harmonic solfeggio frequencies, creating ultra-fine nano crystals that radiate a powerful life energy. As a pendant, the body is thus put into a higher vibration.

The Healing Stones and their Effect infrequency Crystal Ruby 528 Hz:

The  effect of ruby is immensely powerful! Besides the diamond, it is the most energetic gemstone in stone medicine. While emerald is the most powerful and important body stone, Rubin unfolds its primary influence on the soul and consciousness.


Rubin has always been regarded as the ruler stone and symbolizes power, strength, determination and spiritual superiority. Almost every crown and throne of a kingdom was / is adorned with rubies. Women and men alike can benefit from its dynamic and powerful energy, even if women should wisely dose the power of the ruby. Rubin brings you to your performance limit with his incredible power and increases your life strength to the maximum.

However, increasing life energy, performance and self-confidence are not the most important aspects of Rubin has to offer you. Its greatest added value is that it helps you to resolve the conflict between power and love, or between the pursuit of your ego and your true fulfillment. His Effect helps you to focus your attention on what really sets you apart and unlocks the potential of your emotional intelligence/ability.

The energetic effect of Zinkit 528 HZ:

  • Vitality
  • performance-enhancing
  • protects against negative loads
  • pain-relieving

This includes:

  • Rubin
  • Frequency Crystals 528 Hz
  • Glass phials
  • Triskele

When we talk about therapy, healing or treatment on our website, this is only for explanation. The offer does not replace a visit to a doctor and does not constitute a diagnosis of conventional medicine, but rather complements the medical work in order to help you to feel well and health more quickly.
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