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Frequency Crystal Amazonite 432 Hz

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The frequency crystal Amazonite 432 Hz has a particularly beneficial effect on our energy field.


Frequency Crystal Amazonite 432 Hz

The Nano Frequency Crystal pendants unfold the full energy potential of elements such as gold, zinc, copper, etc. and many gemstone varieties. These elements have been gently oscillated with a special electromagnet with harmonic solfeggio frequencies, creating ultra-fine nano crystals that radiate a powerful life energy. As a pendant, the body is thus put into a higher vibration.

The healing stones and their effect in thefrequency crystal Amazonite 432 Hz:

Amazonite strengthens vitality, brings agitated emotions into balance and has a calming effect on the nervous system with its beautiful green color.  In addition, it awakens joy and opens the heart with depression and emotional problems. 

The Triskele belongs to the Celtic symbols, the meaning of which refers to the life path of each individual. The Triskele is a three-way spiral – three interconnected spirals that connect in the middle.

In Celtic symbolism, the Triskele stands for the cycle of life, birth, life and death, for becoming, being and passing, for the past, the present and the future. It is the symbol of the Trinity, body, mind and soul in harmony.

In addition, the Triskele is a ancient Druid symbol for the three sister goddess of the Celts (Fotla, Banbu, Eiru). The Triskele is assigned the number three, which had a symbolic power in the Celts.


The energetic effect of Zinkit 432 Hz:

  • mental stability
  • Gratitude
  • spiritual advancement
  • harmonious and inspiring influence on our own spiritual and spiritual foundation

This includes:

  • Amazon
  • Zinc 432 Hz
  • Glass phials
  • Charm

When we talk about therapy, healing or treatment on our website, this is only for explanation. The offer does not replace a visit to a doctor and does not constitute a diagnosis of conventional medicine, but rather complements the medical work in order to help you to feel well and health more quickly.
We cannot accept any liability for incorrect applications.

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