Frequency CrystalWood 741 Hz

Frequency CrystalWood 741 Hz

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The frequency crystal brings inner peace, conveys serenity and relaxation, promotes self-love, patience and devotion.



Frequenz crystalwood 741 Hz

The Nano Frequency crystals unfold the full energy potential of elements such as gold, zinc, copper, etc. and many gemstone varieties. These elements have been gently oscillated with a special frequency modulator with harmonic frequencies, creating ultra-fine nano crystals that radiate a powerful life energy. As a pendant, the body is thus put into a higher vibration.

The zinc itecrystals contained therein vibrate with the Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz. The Solfeggio Frequency 741 Hertz stands for the awakening of the soul and intuition,for solving problems, for purification and for an expansion of consciousness. The Latin name of this frequency is “Solive polluti”. “Sol” is the 5th tone on the corresponding scale and together with the note syllable “fa” forms the Italian name “Solfeggio”. “Solve polluti” means “dissolvepollution”, which refers to the effect of this frequency 741 Hz, which is supposed to clean our cells from toxins (toxins) or ecreanmagnetic radiation. It is intended to help you live a healthier life and promote lifestyle changes, e.g. in the area of nutrition. Solving problems is also part of the 741 Hz frequency.

Juniper wood:

The common juniper (Juniperus communis) – also called fire tree, jachelbeerstrauch, Knirkbusch, Krametbaum or Juniandel – belongs to the genus juniper. This is a genus of plants in the cypress family. With up to 70 species, they represent about 40 of all cypress plants. It is a very valuable wood.

The healing stones and their effect in the frequency crystalwood 741 Hz:

Magnesite brings inner peace, conveys serenity and relaxation, promotes self-love, patience and devotion.

Against nervousness, irritability, anger, helps with depression, nerve tension, excitability, anxiety and hypersensitivity.
Balances power and strengthens expressiveness.

In meditation, the magnesite brings inner peace and stimulates the imagination.

 It detoxifies the body, helps us with depression hypersensitivity and emotionally pent-up tensions, which have their origin in the psychological. 
Wir lernen ausgeglichener und zufriedener zu leben und erlangen dadurch eine höhere Spiritualität.


The energetic effect of Zinkit 741 Hz:

  • Awakening of Intuition
  • Cleaning and loosening
  • Solving dirt
  • Consciousness-enhancing

This includes:

  • Juniper wood
  • Magnesite
  • Frequency Crystal 741 Hz

Please note that the vial is glass. We assume no liability if the vial falls down and breaks.

When we talk about therapy, healing or treatment on our website, this is only for explanation. The offer does not replace a visit to a doctor and does not constitute a diagnosis of conventional medicine, but rather complements the medical work in order to help you to feel well and health more quickly.
We cannot accept any liability for incorrect applications.

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