Crystalwood Amulet Merkaba

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Crystalwood Amulet Merkaba

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The Merkaba is an energy-rich and powerful symbol.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba is one of the symbols with the highest vibrational energy.

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Crystalwood Amulet Merkaba

The crystal wood amulet was made from the boar ash, which is also used as a tree of life. The BoarEsche gave the Celtic druids, “the tree-knowing” the power to protect from mischief and evil spells. In addition, the tree stands for Joy of life and strength.

The special feature of this amulet are the chambers inside, (see photos) with a copper wire and rock crystal. This creates a harmonious energy field and makes the cells shine.

The Merkaba is an energy-rich and powerfulsymbol.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba is one of the symbols with the highest vibrationalenergy. 

It supports us when we…

  • in search of new ways and possibilities are
  • go through a phase of goal and disorientation
  • are exposed to strong mood fluctuations
  • Want to put visions into practice

It includes:

  • Eberesche
  • Merkaba
  • Bergkristall
  • Copper spiral
  • Cotton ribbon

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