What are Nano Frequency Crystals?

This new technology unfolds the full energy potential of elements such as gold, zinc, copper, etc. and even many gemstones. The materials are set into gentle vibration in the water with a special electromagnet (frequency modulator “see picture”) with a certain frequency (e.g. 528 Hz DNA Repair). Thus, ultra-fine nano crystals emit a powerful life energy result with the corresponding energetic property of the starting material. Due to the extremely high crystal surface, which is connected to the water, a high resonance results. So that all particles vibrate permanently and independently with the healing frequency given in. 

We use the Solfeggio frequencies that have longbeen perceived as very healthy.

Rounded off by noble minerals , Processed into the finest jewels, a

“Symbiosis from Klan g and jewellery”

Solfeggio Frequencies – Healing Sounds

Solfeggio frequencies are vibrations and frequencies of sounds that should not only have a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind and soul, but can also regenerate our DNA. In music theory, Solfeggio describes sound and music theory with ear training and vocal exercises. The Italian word “Solfeggio” is composed of the note syllables “sol” and “fa”, “sol” refers to the 5. Tone of the respective scale, “fa” on the 4th note. Over the centuries, the most diverse sound systems with scales and scale series were created. To this day, however, Solfeggio is an integral part of music lessons and the playing of music in special Solfeggio frequencies has a very special effect on our body and mind.

How were the Solfeggio frequencies discovered?

Dr. Joseph Puleo learned about the Pythagorean method of numerical reduction and discovered the pattern of six repeating codes. (Healing codes)
The Pythagorean method is a simple reduction method that converts large numbers into single digits by adding the values of all digits of the number. If after the first addition the number contains more than one digit, the process is repeated, e.g. 456 can be reduced to 4 + 5 + 6 = 15 and then reduced to 1 + 5 = 6. Finally, the number 456 is reduced to single digits 6. Following this pattern, Puleo discovered that the Solfeggio frequencies are based on this mathematical reduction and that all can be reduced to the cross sums 3, 6 and 9:

The Serbian scientist, inventor, physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) pointed out in his works the importance of these three numbers as basic indicators of the divine and the creative force, as well as the energetic conditions of our physical world.

The effect of Solfeggio frequencies

Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, including our human organism. If vibrations from the outside act on our basic vibration at a different frequency, changes can be triggered, the entire human body can be positively influenced and the self-healing powers stimulated. According to the theory of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, certain states of consciousness are triggered, which in turn correspond to the acting frequencies and activate self-healing processes in the mind and body. Solfeggio frequencies should also have a mind-enhancing, sleep-promoting, pain-relieving and anxiolytic effect, provide more joie de vivre, energy and energy in everyday life and strengthen self-confidence.

Here is a small excerpt of the Solfeggio frequencies we use.

174 Hz – Earth Energy & Pain Relief
285 Hz – original form of energy
396 Hz – Liberation from guilt and fear
417 Hz – Resonance with the Universe
432 Hz – Gratitude and Inner Peace
528 Hz – heart rate, DNA repair
639 Hz – harmonic relationship and connection
741 Hz – Awakening of Intuition
852 Hz – Return to Spiritual Order
 963 Hz – Divinity, Pine Gland activation

What is NaFreGonite?

Nano Frequency Orgonite (NaFreGonite) combines the orgone primal force of the coarse-material gemstones with the fine-material nano frequency crystals, thus creating an energy field in the full energy spectrum. It is many times more energetic than normal orgonite. When you shake up the NaFreGonit, the nano crystals swirl in the poured water glass and activate an amazing and noticeable energy boost.